Welcome New Director

We are pleased to welcome newly-elected director, Christine “Chris” Sampley, to our governing board. Chris will serve the Auxiliary as its President, replacing Lily Brower.

Lily Brower asked not to be nominated again when she discovered someone was willing to take the leadership baton from her. After stepping down to take a break from more than a decade as the Auxiliary’s president, Lily graciously rejoined the Auxiliary’s Board of Directors in 2017 after the death of her successor, Sandy Skinner. We are grateful for Lily’s leadership and service to the Auxiliary’s mission.

Chris Sampley joined our Auxiliary in 2017. She is an 18-month Marion resident. Chris moved here with her family from Camano Island, Washington. After 46 years teaching, counseling, and being an elementary school principal, she is now a guest teacher at Marion School and a member of the Marion PTO.

Being part of the Marion Fire Auxiliary is a privilege and an opportunity to support the Fire Department in their endeavors to keep our community safe and sound.

—Chris Sampley