Community Room

Host Your Event in the Marion Community Room!

The Auxiliary manages the Marion Community Room, which is attached to Marion’s main fire station. To pay for its upkeep, the Auxiliary rents the community room out to members of the public for a nominal fee for non-commercial use (for example, birthday parties, baby showers, family reunions, homeowners association meetings, political campaign events, and crafters’ gatherings). We do not charge charities or public service event organizers, such as hunter’s ed classes. We do not allow anyone to rent the community room to make money; renters cannot sell goods or services. Anyone renting the room for political campaign purposes must make it known to attendees that neither the Marion Fire Department/District nor the Marion Fire Auxiliary endorse any political candidates or parties.


The Marion Community Room is wheelchair-accessible and has separate men’s and women’s rest rooms. It also has an attached kitchen available for rent. The Marion Community Room is large enough to comfortably host gatherings of up to 125 people.

Rental Fee Schedule

  • Charity or public-service event* = $0 (no kitchen use) or $35 (to use kitchen)
  • Non-commercial user = $50 (no kitchen use) or $70 (to use kitchen)

*Political campaign events are not public-service events and will be treated as non-commercial users.

Refundable Deposit

In addition to the rental fee, users must provide a $100 refundable deposit and sign a statement that they will leave the community room and kitchen in a condition at least as well as they received it. Deposits are usually returned the same day of the event—after the room is inspected for damage and general cleanliness/tidiness.


If the community center is unavailable for rental, the calendar below will show “busy” for either the entire day or a period of time on that day.

Reserving the Marion Community Room

Please, contact us by using the form at the bottom of this page; we promise that someone will either email or call you back as soon as possible.

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