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2020 Board of Directors

We welcome Pirjo Appling to our board of directors. She was elected by acclamation at our December business meeting. Pirjo will serve as the Auxiliary's president—replacing Victoria Williams who chose not to run for reelection. (Thanks, Victoria, for your leadership and service!) Secretary Carolyn Hurst and Treasurer Janine Presson were reelected.


Welcome New Director

We are pleased to welcome newly-elected director, Christine "Chris" Sampley, to our governing board. Chris will serve the Auxiliary as its President, replacing Lily Brower. Lily Brower asked not to be nominated again when she discovered someone was willing to take the leadership baton from her. After stepping down to take a break from more… Continue reading Welcome New Director


Latest Grant Made

Marion Fire Auxiliary (MFA) members yesterday unanimously approved Fire Chief Katie Mast's request for a grant for the Marion Fire District of $6,010 to be earmarked for the purchase of new fire hose. Many of the hoses used by Marion's firefighters in structural firefighting operations are in danger of soon becoming too worn out for… Continue reading Latest Grant Made