Volunteers Only

The work we do is done solely by volunteers; none, including our director-officers, receive financial compensation. Further, we do not hire third parties to raise funds on our behalf.

Board of Directors

MFA’s directors are responsible for ensuring the organization effectively fulfills its mission, accomplishes its goals, and wisely manages its assets.

President Lily Brower joined Auxiliary in 2000. She is a 28-year Marion resident and property owner. She served as the Auxiliary’s president for many years before stepping down to take a break for a couple of years. She answered the call to step back in mid-2017. Lily is also serving as the Marion School Board’s president; she’s been a member of that board for more than 11 years. Before retiring, Lily worked in retail developing an extensive network of useful contacts.
Vice-President Victoria Williams joined Auxiliary in 2016. She is a two-year Marion resident and six-year Marion property owner. Victoria moved here from Boise, Idaho after raising a family and retiring. She worked in jobs as diverse as baker and veterinarian assistant. “The Marion Fire Department is as an essential part of our community. I want to do whatever I can to help it to continue in its mission and to grow.”
Secretary Carolyn Hurst joined Auxiliary in 2004. She is a 15-year Marion resident and property owner. Carolyn is a retired school teacher. She has served as the Auxiliary’s secretary for several years. Her volunteer spirit has included Friends of the Library, Red Cross, and Flathead Spay & Neuter Task Force. “Folks here need to depend on each other and support local efforts to insure we have a safe place to live.”
Treasurer Janine Presson joined Auxiliary in 2017. She is a 10-year Marion resident and property owner. She is a 15-year Army veteran who still works part-time as a military contractor. Janine co-owns North 40 Rescue. She was a volunteer EMT in Marion for two years and also served on Marion Fire District’s board of trustees as treasurer. Janine is the webmaster and social media administrator for us and the Marion Fire District, too.













RIP: Sandy Skinner

Sadly, in 2017 we lost Sandy Skinner to cancer. Sandy had served as a president of our board for a couple of years. Her presence we will miss; her memory we will treasure; we will never forget her or stop being grateful for what she gave us. A mountain ash tree was planted in front of Marion’s main fire station in Sandy’s memory on October 2, 2017.

Sandy Skinner

2017 Members and Supporters

We are grateful to the following people who volunteered their time to serve the Marion Fire Auxiliary in 2017 (if your name isn’t on this list, the webmaster apologizes and promises that any oversight is unintentional):

Pirjo Appling
Wanda Bissell
Sharon Bryant
Willy Bryant
Heidi Hazuka
Ginny Hoffman
Karen Huigens
Gerry Hurst
Chris Jensen
Craig Kempthorne
Judy Lucian
Janice Naylor
Kimisha Proulx
Sally Ramos
Joyce Ratka
Jim Roets
Chris Sampley
Matt Sampley
Sam Sampley
Dr. Kymberli Stone
Barbara Taylor
Bonita Welch
Mike Williams
Vargie Williams
Kim Williams